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Monday, August 23, 2010


Blow-Her!, originally uploaded by slushbox.

Ok, so this was fun as fuck to paint! I spent all afternoon Saturday and Sunday watching the Lost TV show Auction and painting this. I lost every item I bid on. It really made me pretty sad. I loved that show and all I wanted was a Dharma Jump suit! ... or one of the hatch doors, or some fake Black Rock dynamite, damn-it! And I blame Amanda for talking me out of bidding on Lockes Coffin. $1200!!! come on that was a steel! I'll show you where I’d have kept it!

Anyway, I'm starting to blend my kustom kulture car stuff and my boobie series! Best of both worlds, right? This is going to premier at the Howley’s Hot Rods and Hot Chicks art show tonight, that is if no douchey customers bitch about her nipples being out. Fuckers.

Now, how can I blend Cars, Lost and Boobies? Hummm, the wheels are turning. Frozen Donkey Wheels! (that sold for $27k if you were wondering)

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