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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Damask Bordello

Damask Bordello 0615
Damask Bordello 0470
Damask Bordello 0450
Damask Bordello  0219
Damask Bordello 0176
Damask Bordello 0118
Damask Bordello 0336
Damask Bordello 0332
Damask Bordello 0802
Damask Bordello 1100
Damask Bordello 0956

Damask Bordello, originally uploaded by slushbox.

We couldn’t decide on which clothing would be best for this shoot so we did a few different styles. A couple more lacey and girly and one more can-can old west style. Amanda and I scouted around for the chairs we used (that look like a small sofa) We also came across some cool end tables that worked great. The hardest part was finding the flask, which I now find everywhere I go. The whole set up is in my living room including fake wall. If you look real close I put myself into the photographs on the wall all old timey and shit.

Model: Amanda Linton


humblebumbleb said...

I love this set! When are you going to photograph me, huh?????

Slushbox - InkandPistons said...

Whenever you want :)