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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Seppuku , originally uploaded by slushbox.

I've had this painting stuck in my head for a while now. I finally got around to painting it. I’m really happy with how moody and somber it came out. For those who aren’t versed in Japanese Seppuku, the practice was part of the samurai bushido code. When the samurai brought shame to their feudal lord or shogun, also instead of falling into the hands of their enemies or as a form of capital punishment.

it was done with a wakizashi (shorter sword then a katana) or a tantō (knife) with a cloth wrapped around the blade so they wouldn’t lose their grip or cut themselves. Which apparently was important even though they were about to disembowel themselves..

After the left to right cut was made the samurai’s chosen second attendant, (kaishakunin) would take their head to lessen the pain. It was supposed to be done so that only a thin piece of flesh remained to keep the head attached.

Granted this was usually done in a ceremonial white silk robes but then you wouldn’t get to see her sweet back tat!

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cArLa said...

it's beautiful...