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Monday, June 21, 2010

Meant To Be

Meant To Be, originally uploaded by slushbox.

So I did a live painting at the Art Nouveau Seven Deadly

Photo by Bruce Almberg
Sins show in West Palm last Wednesday. First time I’ve done any sort of live painting. Which is probably pretty anti-climactic for anyone watching basically just me hunched over a small table with very tiny brushes and bad lighting…

This actually took almost 5 hours to complete but I’m sure a lot of that was due to taking breaks to talk to people that were interested in the work. Got some really good feedback on the pieces and some interest in some custom ones. The wife claimed this one guys, so sorry the original is not for sale, but I will make some prints. I also decided to do at least 3 more to complete the calendar set of 12, but I have a large commissioned piece I need to finish first.


cArLa said...

love your work... i saw you on tumblr and followed your blog here.

Slushbox - InkandPistons said...

Thanks so much ;)