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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sublime Slushbox

Sublime Slushbox, originally uploaded by slushbox.

First off all before you ask. I hate that fucking band, this painting has nothing to do with those jerk-off’. Prior to that band forever ruining that word it used to be a pretty cool car color. In fact it’s the color of my 1928 Model A which looks strikingly similar to this painting for a reason. I took a little liberty with the blower on the motor and technically i painted a 1930 model a not a 28-29 but whatever.. let’s call it a wish list. Also before I go on I feel I must mention this; If one more person brings in a CD of their horrible music and ask me to play it while they are getting tattooed, I don’t think you’ll like how the tattoo comes out. I’ll probably just tattoo two gay unicorns humping on you. Or in the event that you actually asked for said unicorns, I’ll tattoo a big dick on you with a banner that says “I have shitty taste in music please kick me in my balls or vagina and suggest better bands to me”.

This one really kicked my ass. For anyone that has painted with acrylic in this style I’m sure you ‘ve figured out the secret is to paint form the furthest point back and paint layers on top.
So the entire time you have to keep in mind the order in which to paint each section of the painting.

For example…
The blue background first then the gray ground. Then the passenger side of the car, and passenger floor boards etc, then the door panel and shifter and the seat etc… all the way out to the body of the car. Oh wait first you have to paint some of the engine so that the cowl sits on top of the distributor and bell housing… even the door has a few distinct layers to gain a true three dimensional effect.

There are about 15 layers on the engine alone. I think the biggest headache was that I painted it on Illustration board instead of Masonite which really messed with my speed as I had to let some of the acrylic soak in before I could get an opaque coat.

But i digress…
It’s fun to get back to some OG hot rod shit. I haven’t really painted much of it in the last year or so. Damn Tits and Tats project took up too much focus. (I know I let a little bit of tits and tats creep in, old habits die hard) So I’m going to try to get some of these Hot Rod sketches I have laying around finished keep an eye out...

Shazzam Fuckers!